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Standard Forms

Every artist is a small business, creating something to be sold. Selling requires marketing. As much as printmakers need the skills and techniques to transfer an idea into an image in ink on paper (or perhaps electrons activating a screen), they also need to know how to present their work and how to present themselves as professionals — to dealers, curators, collectors and the general public. Learn what should (and should not) be in your résumé or CV, be sure your print documentation is legally sufficient, understand copyright, consider designing and printing a brochure, and consider other options for getting your artwork before the public. The emphasis here is on practical strategies, and we'll soon include critiques of examples of documentation forms and publicity materials: stationery, business cards, résumés, exhibition brochures, etc.

Some of these things you already know, but it wouldn't hurt to review all of these topics over time. Please let us know if there are other areas in which you would like help. We appreciate your patience while we add materials to this section.

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Competitive Exhibitions

  • Decide which competitions to enter by considering the cost, time, venue, juror, prizes, etc.
  • See our Competitive Exhibits list for a list of current competitions.

Résumé or CV (curriculum vita)

Publicity materials

Being a professional


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