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Competitive Exhibits

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PLEASE read each prospectus carefully before entering a competition. If you or your works do not meet the requirements or you cannot supply the work at the time required or you do not wish to give the sponsors the rights specified (e.g. reproduction in a catalogue), do not enter. Never send slides, digital files nor original work without reading the prospectus! The American Print Alliance encourages artists to insure their artwork and to research exhibition venues and sponsors. The Alliance can accept no responsibility or liability in case of damage or loss to artists' slides, imagery, copyright or original work submitted.

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Printellectual, a juried student printmaking exhibition

Printellectual, a juried student printmaking exhibition

Kennesaw State University, Visual Arts Dept., in conjunction with the American Print Alliance's Print Dialogue Day 2010

Deadline: October 28, 2010

Exhibition: October 30 - November 6, 2010

Open to students enrolled in a printmaking class at a high school, art academy, college or
university. Collaborative prints accepted, as long as all artists in the collaboration are students. All original printmaking techniques, any size.

Print Dialogue Day attendees will vote on their favorite, and the artist will be awarded a Ken Kerslake Fund subscription to Contemporary Impressions.

No entry fee.

Prospectus (PDF)

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