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Alliance Gallery

Print Bin
The American Print Alliance invites our Contemporary Impressions subscribers to show their original prints or artists' books in a simple list — like the unframed, shrink-wrapped prints in a brick-and-mortar gallery's "Print Bin" — so collectors and curators can easily browse through many artists' works.

Click here for more information on how to enter your work into the Print Bin.

Left: Stephen A. Fredericks
Janet's Thrush, © 2004

Right: Kathryn Maxwell
Altered Portraits, © 2004

Alliance Prints

Each year Contemporary Impressions thanks subscribers with the gift of a print from a contemporary artist. Collect an image that you might have missed. These original prints are small, but so is the price! Just $20 to $37 each.

April Katz
The Broken Dream

Artist Stamps
A rubber stamp, an ink pad and a piece of paper are all that's needed to make a print. Our designs were created by well-known printmakers specifically to benefit the American Print Alliance.

Collect all five of our "printing blocks."

Left: #4 - Yikes!
by Douglas Dowd

Right: #2 - Scheherazade
by Bonnie Baxter


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