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September 11 Memorial Portfolio

*Please note that this page is for reference. All dates for entry have passed.

Please forgive this long information sheet. We are expecting thousands of entries and want to include every one of them in the portfolio, so please read instructions carefully.

Alliance director Carol Pulin writes, “This memorial portfolio is a way to help us comprehend the loss of so many individual lives. The Vietnam memorial is eloquent and moving because we read names and, even if we don't recognize any of them, we recognize common first names and last names and see ‘juniors’ and such. They were mostly soldiers and it seems appropriate that the names are carved alike, as in traditional war memorials that stand in town squares around the world. I haven't been to the Oklahoma City memorial for the Murrah Building victims, but have seen photos of the chairs, all facing the same way, scattered in groups. Some are small chairs for children, but they are otherwise stylized and alike. Although it is a terribly large number, I think one can grasp 168. But thousands of people -- these artworks have to be different, individual images for the concept to be effective. People need to be drawn to certain pictures: some will spend time with those portraying a face, others will find meaning in abstract colors. As viewers walk along, they will stop to think about some here and there, be drawn to another down the row, just as they might be intrigued by various faces in a crowd. To convey the sheer number and the individuality of each life is the challenge.”


The American Print Alliance is a community of similar size to the number of people killed on September 11. We ask each artist who is a member of one of the councils in the American Print Alliance (see Councils) or an independent subscriber to our journal, Contemporary Impressions, to take part. Besides regular and student members of the councils, we encourage entries from associate members -- check with your council about classes and/or arranging a monoprint session at a local workshop. One ORIGINAL artwork donated by each person, even if you are a member of more than one council. If you aren’t currently a member or subscriber, please join or subscribe now -- become a part of our community. We welcome participation by artists from around the world, but you must be part of the Alliance. For information about joining a council, click here. For information about subscribing, click here. The Alliance is dependent on our journal for funding for all of our projects so, even if you are a member of one of our councils, please consider subscribing.

There is no fee for participation (though you must be eligible, see above). We ask everyone in the U.S. to enclose a dollar with your artwork to help defray exhibition costs.

Artists are not assigned a person to commemorate -- use your imagination to celebrate a life. Among the victims are people of all races, ages, faiths, and at least 80 nationalities. Some artists might imagine a portrait of an “average” or composite person, others might depict a scene of everyday life, a landscape, whatever. We ask only that you not use photos taken from the media or anything else that might be protected by copyright. If you personally knew any of the victims, you may want to create a work about that person’s life; please ask permission from the family so that you do not intrude on their privacy. The idea is to commemorate individual lives rather than re-live the acts of terror. (Please consider that the portfolio will be shown in locations where children are present.)

Any ORIGINAL work of art on/of paper will be accepted. Although we encourage printmaking techniques, we will also accept drawings, watercolors, hand-made paper, etc. ONLY ORIGINAL WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO reproductions -- do not send a color photocopy, printed scan or photograph of your work! Please note that we will use plastic envelopes and there will not be a mat to keep the surface from touching the plastic. So do not use friable media (anything powdery, like pastels, charcoal, etc.) and be sure that any thick inks are completely dry. Please use the best available inks, pigments and dyes and acid-free paper for permanence. Works must be essentially two-dimensional. Please do not submit anything delicate that would be damaged if it happens to be packed under the weight of thousands of other works in their plastic envelopes; do not submit anything that is thick, heavy, in uneven relief, etc., that could damage other works packed with it.

Size and signature:
The paper size must be 10” high x 8” wide (25 cm x 20 cm) and your image must be oriented for a vertical format. There is no required image size, so you may leave margins or work to the edge. You may sign your work with your name, title, date and edition number, but please remember the purpose of the portfolio and do so unobtrusively. In pencil on the back of the work, along the bottom of the sheet, please print (i.e. using block letters) the catalogue code explained below and your name. Tip: when writing on the back of the print, lean on a hard surface so you do not indent the paper.

Catalogue code:
The catalogue code is the first five letters of your last name, the initial letter of your first name and a letter for your council from this list. If your last name has fewer than five letters, use a # (number sign) for each extra space. For example, Jane Doe who is a member of Baren would use DOE##JR. This is seven characters; please leave the last box on the submission form blank, because our computer program will add an eighth character to prevent duplicate codes. Use the council letter from the list below in your catalogue code. If you are a member of more than one council, pick the council that you joined first or that you consider your "home" council. Send only one entry no matter how many councils you belong to. If you are not a member of a council or a subscriber to the journal, you are not eligible; please see Participation, above, to become part of the Alliance.
American Color Print Society = K
Baren = R
Boston Printmakers = B
Conseil québécois de l'estampe = Q
Florida Printmakers = F
Honolulu Printmakers = H
Los AngelesPrintmaking Society = L
Manitoba Printmakers Association = M
Maryland Printmakers = D
Mid America Print Council = A
Monotype Guild of New England = U
New York Society of Etchers = Y
Northwest Print Council = W
Nova Scotia Printmakers Association = N
Pittsburgh Print Group = P
The Print Center = C
Printmaking Council of New Jersey = J
Printmakers Council of Prince Edward Island = E
Seattle Print Arts = T
Society of American Graphic Artists = G
Southern Graphics Council = S
Subscribers to Contemporary Impressions who are NOT members of any of our 21councils = Z

We intend to hang the works in a grid, probably suspended from cords like clotheslines. Depending upon the space available -- long hallways in airports, schools, shopping malls, etc. -- the work may be hung 4 high x 1,500+ feet long, for example. The works will probably appear in a different order at each place as our volunteers take them out of the boxes, sometimes starting at one end or the other, by rows or by columns, etc. If you know of a potential venue, please ask the director or curator to contact Carol Pulin at director@printalliance.org. (If the venue is interested in one of our other, gallery-size travelling exhibits, please see the Exhibits page.)

Scans and slides:
In addition to the portfolio exhibition, to allow a broader audience to experience this tribute from the artists, we are exploring the possibility of showing a selection from the portfolio on the Internet. Slides are useful for talks about the Alliance and this project. If you cannot provide a scan or slide, we will try to do some, but our resources are quite limited. Slides should be labeled with the catalogue code at the top (when held so that the image is upright).

Scans should be named with your work’s catalogue code (seven characters) and the extension .jpg and should be sent by e-mail to memorial@printalliance.org (please don’t use this mailbox for anything else). Be sure to scan at 300 - 600 dpi (dots per inch), depending on your scanner, save as a jpeg file at a maximum of 450 pixels in height. For additional assistance with scanned work contact our webmaster at webmaster@printalliance.org.

We want to encourage everyone to take part. So when you donate a work to the portfolio, you may request one free issue of Contemporary Impressions, your choice from Spring 1993 through Fall 2000. (Some copies may be missing the flyleaf or have bent corners; we will substitute an issue at random if we would have too few of your choice left for libraries that need to complete sets.) If you enclose your subscription form and payment for 2002 at the same time, you may request two free issues -- and if you choose Spring and Fall of the same year, we will also send you the gift print for that year! Click here for the journal index. To have your free journal(s) sent to an address in the United States, enclose with your entry a self-addressed 9 x 12" envelope, affix $1.49 in postage for one issue ($2.21 if you are subscribing and requesting two issues) and write the issue(s) requested on the envelope flap. For a Canadian address, affix $1.85 in U.S. stamps (do not use Canadian stamps!) for one issue ($2.70 if you are subscribing and requesting two issues) or send a self-stick address label and CN$5 as a check or paper money, no coins. We cannot afford to send free copies if you do not provide the envelope and postage. Sorry it is too time-consuming and complicated for us to send free copies to other countries.

Due date (passed):
If you haven't already sent your artwork to your council, either turn it in at the Southern Graphics Council conference or mail your entry by June 15, 2002(please check back to see if the deadline is going to be extended beyond this date) to the Alliance office (see address below).

Submission form:
Click here for the submission form. You can print out the PDF format form and type or hand-letter the information in block letters. If you need Adobe Acrobat reader click here to get it.

Your entry should include the following in the same envelope:

  1. Your ORIGINAL artwork -- be sure that the paper size is 10” x 8” and that you have written the catalogue code and your name on the back
  2. Your submission form -- don’t forget to sign
  3. A 9 x 12” envelope for a free copy of Contemporary Impressions -- don’t forget your address and postage; if you want two free issues, enclose your 2002 subscription form and check
  4. A slide of your artwork if you have one that we may keep
  5. If you’re in the U.S., a dollar to help defray exhibition costs

Where to send your entry:
Use regular first class or priority mail; do NOT use any special service that requires a signature! That means no certified mail, insurance or return receipts. If your entry will cross international borders, be sure to mark the customs form “printed matter, no commercial value."

Mail to:
Memorial Portfolio
American Print Alliance
302 Larkspur Turn
Peachtree City GA 30269 USA

If you are attending the SGC conference in New Orleans, you may hand deliver your entry at registration the morning of April 4.

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