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September 11 Memorial Portfolio

Thoughts from the Director

On September 17, having been delayed returning from the print conference in Prince Edward Island, Carol noted, “People hung flags on overpasses all along the interstates and were generally quiet, sad and angry.” She wrote to the representatives on the board of directors of the American Print Alliance:

Tonight is the beginning of Rosh Ha'shanah, the Jewish New Year, traditionally a time to remember family and friends, especially those who died in the past year, and everyone murdered in the Holocaust. Now, still in shock and overwhelmed with grief, we mourn more than 6,000 new victims of terrorism. This is about the same number as there are printmakers in the American Print Alliance. We don't know yet how many in the Alliance have been directly affected by this tragedy, losing family or friends, but it may be quite large, especially among the New York, New Jersey and New England groups. I personally offer my condolences and my help in any way possible, as I am sure each of us does.

Please, give blood if you can — more will be needed in the weeks and months to come, not just now. Make a donation to one of the charities listed at the Federal Emergency Management Agency web site (www.fema.gov). Reach out also to Muslims and Arab-Americans in your community and together offer a prayer and commitment to peace and tolerance.

I know that people will feel better if they can do something more concrete to help. Mostly, we should encourage people to reach out to each other, but we could also organize a memorial portfolio. I'm suggesting that we ask each artist who is a member of a council or subscriber to the journal to create one work of art (drawing, watercolor, print, whatever, on or of paper) in a set small size to commemorate one person. The number will be approximately the same as the people lost to this attack. The works can be slipped into sheet protectors and the whole could be hung in a grid down a very long hallway.


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