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Soap Box Prints 2:

Prints, Politics & Democracy

The American Print Alliance is organizing a traveling exhibition of prints, paperworks and artists’ books by artists who are 2008 subscribers to Contemporary Impressions or members of our allied councils. Our first venue will be at SCAD-Atlanta during our Print Dialogue Days, September 25 - 27, 2008.

Soap Box 1. A carton or crate used for holding soap. 2. A temporary platform like a shipping crate on which one stands while making a spontaneous and often impassioned public speech or call for action.

Show your work — and show the world how printmakers advocate for democracy!


See the exhibition online by clicking here.


Entry for this exhibition has closed, but you can still read the prospectus below.


Please read this prospectus carefully and follow all directions for entering:

Theme The theme will be interpreted broadly to include the principles, rights and responsibilities of democracy and how prints inspire people to choose democracy, defend freedoms (of speech and the press, religion, etc.), serve in elected office, vote, demonstrate for fair governance and otherwise take part in political life. Work must fit the theme but will not be rejected if it is controversial or does not reflect the views and opinions of the Alliance's director and board of representatives. Political discourse is speech protected by the U.S. Constitution and First Amendment, however the Alliance will not accept any work that incites people to break the law. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Alliance may not campaign for or against candidates for elected office, and we encourage artists from around the world to choose subjects that look beyond the U.S. elections in November. We hope the current buzz will encourage more entries, but look to the future -- this exhibition will travel for two to three years.

Selection Thirty to forty works will be selected based on interpretation of the theme and quality of the work. No attempt will be made to balance artists from different parts of the country, various techniques, or liberal or conservative ideas. Works will be chosen to create an exhibition that is visually exciting with multiple viewpoints that are thought provoking and even confrontational. Prints may include text, but any text should complement the imagery and not carry a disproportionate emotional charge. Artwork must be professional quality since it will be shown under the auspices of the American Print Alliance. Students are encouraged to submit their best work. The exhibit itself will demonstrate that prints can be an influential part of the democratic process.

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Entry Open only to ORIGINAL prints, paperworks and artists' books. Reproductions will not be accepted. The Alliance accepts traditional and non-traditional printmaking, including computer-manipulated and -printed (inkjet or laser) images that are original prints and not reproductions of artwork in other media. Non-toxic and less-toxic methods and materials are highly encouraged. Each artist may enter up to three works.

Works will be juried from slides, photos (4 x 6" minimum, to 8 x 10"), and digital photos printed on paper (color inkjet or laser printouts, on glossy or plain paper); include SASE if return requested. Please print the entry form on standard size office paper (8.5 x 11" or A4). For slides, tape a plastic sleeve or sandwich bag to back of the entry form; label slides as shown here. Tape photos and digital printouts directly to back of the entry form (picture side out). Do not send digital files (jpegs, CDs) for jurying, print the file on paper.

Size and Presentation Prints, paperworks and artists' books that are flat may be any size up to the maximum frame size of 16 x 20 x 1 inch deep. The artist must send selected work in a black aluminum frame with plexi, acrylic or other clear plastic, no glass; any mat must be neutral (white, tan or black). Three-dimensional work must fold to fit in a protective box no larger than 16 x 20 x 1 inch provided by the artist, must be easy to open and close, and must include a system for hanging on the wall at venues that do not provide a table or pedestal. Maximum weight is 5 lbs. (small works should be less!) including the frame or box. Work that does not match the image entered or does not follow the presentation requirements will not be shown.

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Administrative Fee Current subscribers to our journal, Contemporary Impressions: include $5 administrative fee with your submission of up to three works. Non-subscribers are eligible if they are members of one of our councils: include $35 (you'll receive a complementary subscription). If you are not a member of one of our councils, you may subscribe for $37 and add the $5 fee, total $42 (just write one check). Full-time students may subscribe for just $15 and add the $5 fee. Artists whose work is selected must pay for shipping their work to and return from the Alliance.

Deadline Your submission of slides, photos or printouts with attached signed forms and fee must arrive together by August 15, 2008. This is an arrival deadline, not postmark. You may send your envelope by first class or priority mail, UPS, FedEx, etc. but you must chose an option that has does not require a signature for delivery. Following notification of selection (by September 1), work must arrive ready to hang by September 15.

Venues Our first venue will be SCAD-Atlanta during the American Print Alliance's Print Dialogue Days, September 25 - 27, 2008. Please help us find additional venues; ask your curator or gallery director to e-mail us at director @ printalliance . org (you'll need to delete the spaces, we're trying to protect the mailbox). We will also display exceptional works on our website.



Click here for the entry form (PDF).





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