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Information for artists to show their work in the Print Bin

Every artist who is a current subscriber — individual, individual member of an Alliance council or student — may show one image of his/her own original print or artists' book. Subscriptions are for the calendar year: if you send your payment in January, you can have a password and an image in the Print Bin for the full 12 months. If you subscribe later in the year, you'll still receive both issue of the journal, but your password and presence in the Print Bin will expire in December even if that's less than 12 months away.

Non-subscribers' work will not be shown; if you are not already a subscriber, you may send your check and order form in the same envelope as your slide and permission form.

We want collectors to get in touch with you easily for sales and therefore suggest e-mail contact. We need your e-mail address to keep in touch with you, but we will not share it and you can check the box for not posting it if you prefer. In that case however, we recommend listing both your telephone number and mailing address. It is American Print Alliance policy not to link to individual websites (except those on the Links page in our Resources section, because the sites provide additional help for printmakers), but of course you can quickly reply to a collector's inquiry with your website information.

We must have your real ink signature on the Print Bin permission form before we can post your work, so please, please remember to send that form along with your 35mm slide. Check that your image is in sharp focus and "square" to the picture plane. Be sure your name is on the slide (see our advocacy page in the Resources section for the best way to label slides) and don't forget to mark the bottom left with a dot or indicate the top with an arrow. Cardboard or think plastic mounts only: our scanner cannot accommodate thick mounts, edge-taped mounts or glass. Please allow us to keep your slide for use in educational programs. If you want your slide returned, you must provide a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage.

It's safer for us to scan slides, and not worry about bugs hidden in graphics files. But if you want to send a scan instead of a slide, you may send your permission form with a note and we will send you an e-mail with a one-time specific subject line to use. You'll need to save your scan as a jpeg that is no more than 220 pixels hiigh x 400 pixels wide. Please do not send scans without these arrangements because they will simply be deleted unopened and your e-mail address will be blocked. We also won't put your disk into our computer. Sorry for the inconvenience and need for "snail" mail, but we don't have the staff or programs to check for each new high-tech computer virus and worm.

Click here for the Print Bin Permission Form. (PDF)


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