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Catalogue Text

Lyn Bishop - A Digital Artist: On the Road in China

Deborah Bryan - Chicken Prints

Maureen Cummins - All Equally Best

Maureen Cummins - Crazy Quilt

William Harroff - The New Scarlet Letter

Janice Hartwell - Gender/Violence

Susan Hensel - My House

Charles Hobson - Andromeda Imagined

Charles Hobson - Fresnel's Tower

Shireen Holman - Memories of My Father

Michael Jacobs - Triangle Pyramid B.O.O.K.

Michael Jacobs - Auto-Bio in Wire

Kalmbach and Kellner - Pistol/Pistil - Botanical Ballistics

Diana Kleiner - Iguol y Diferente XIII [Same and Different]

Roberta Lavadour - Harvest Moon

Roberta Lavadour - Gathering Fall

Pretson Lawing - Chucklehead's White Mules

Emily Martin - I Live in Iowa

Leah Mayers - 26 Jobs Left Undone: A Procrastinator's Abecedarium

Kez van Oudheusden - Vellum Journal

Kez van Oudheusden - Silken Thoughts

Sarah Stengle - Decline

Peter and Donna Thomas - Four Views of Kealakekua Bay

Peter and Donna Thomas - Pandora's Box


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