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To further education and encourage exceptional quality in printmaking, we publish Contemporary Impressions, a journal of critical literature about contemporary prints and related media. Since March 1993, we have printed two issues every year with one original commissioned print as a free gift — to demonstrate the importance of images without artificially limiting edition size (2,000 are printed, the same number as the journal), as well as to showcase various techniques and styles. Essays and articles, interviews and discussions, and reviews of exhibitions, books, catalogues and portfolios help artists keep up with theoretical and artistic issues (including service to the community). They also allow collectors and the public to see outstanding examples and better understand these contemporary arts. This is, to our knowledge, the only American periodical dedicated to analytical writing about contemporary prints (rather than newsletters for announcements, technical notes or New York art market investment reviews), and is therefore especially important in establishing contemporary print media's credentials as a major art form with a critical literature for museum attention. Plain English writing is enhanced by a well-designed format and numerous duotone illustrations (often more than 40 in 30 pages of text; only two pages are allowed for advertising, which is isolated from editorial content), printed on acid-free, recycled paper.

Besides uniting a wide community, subscriptions to the journal are our primary source of funds, paying for the time and costs of producing the journal and for the salary to staff our other services, including organizing and producing exhibitions, gathering and disseminating information, and assisting the regional councils in their programs.

To serve as a clearinghouse of information, we publish a Guide to Print Workshops in Canada and the United States. We are up to our third edition in 1999, helping artists find studio space, presses and other equipment, including photographic facilities and computers (often too expensive for individual artists to own), classes and technical expertise; this edition adds information about handicapped accessibility.

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